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The Project

The Pye/Harris Legacy Project (PHLP) was inspired by Ed Pye and Bob Harris, a couple who met in 1947, and lived fifty-eight full and loving years together until Dr. Harris’s death in 2005.

1947 Ed and Bob in Los Angeles

Before his death in 2012, Mr. Pye co-founded the PHLP to further their lifetime of work and giving in three areas: environmental protection and education, the protection and proper treatment of developmentally disabled minors, and equal treatment and rights for the gay and lesbian community.

Premier Project: The Coming Out Series

The first of four videos, “Coming Out in the 1950s,” was released in 2010.  The second “Coming Out in the 1960s”was released in 2013.  ”Coming Out in the 1970′s was released in January, 2014.  Interviews between high school and college students and gay and lesbian elders chronicle the trials and tribulations of those turbulent times. The purpose of the project is to reassure young gay people they are not alone and that living with pride and dignity creates a powerful political statement.

2003 Ed and Bob in Yosemite

The films have a combined youtube views of over 50,000 hits.  DVD copies of the video and a teaching curriculum, co-developed by PHLP and the Gay Straight Alliances, were distributed to 130 middle and high schools throughout California. Curriculum discussion topics offer counselors, teachers, and students a broad overview of the modern gay political movement, the 1950s to the present.

The next  film in the series are in production and will be released later in 2014.  PHLP is actively seeking funds to cover filming, production, distribution, and publicity costs for the remaining segments of this vital, historical film project.   If monies are raised for additional film projects, the four films will be edited into a feature-length documentary to be submitted to US and international  film festivals.

The Pye/Harris Legacy Project is a 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are tax-deductible. If you have suggestions where the first video should be sent, or if you have ideas for additional funding for the project, please contact us at

Donations may be made to the Pye/Harris Legacy Project, Inc. c/o Robert Pye, 4600 Roseville Road, Suite 220, North Highlands, CA 95660.